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Stanthorpe 150th Advisory Committee

Stanthorpe 150th Anniversary Celebration Advisory Committee (S150ACAC) Minutes

Stanthorpe 150th Anniversary Celebrations

Stanthorpe is set to celebrate its 150th anniversary (S150) in 2022 and preparations are gaining momentum. S150 will be a kaleidoscope of events celebrating the origins of the town from the humble establishment of tin mining in the region to the robust wine, fruit and vegetable industries we see today. The S150 will not only celebrate valuable industries like tourism, but also reflect on challenges such as floods and fires that have shaped the community’s resilience over the past 150 years.

S150 Logo

To promote the upcoming S150 celebrations, both amateur and professional artists of all ages from across Southern Downs were invited to submit a competition entry for a commemorative S150 logo. The call for a community driven logo was a significant step in the S150 planning process and the winning entry from local resident, Jennie Wardle, was announced on 25 June 2021.

S150-1 16-06-21

Request for use of the S150 logo

The Stanthorpe 150th Anniversary Celebration Advisory Committee (S150ACAC) has agreed to the following general guidelines for use of the S150 logo:

  • Must be a local event or activity.
  • For events/activities related to the S150 to be held in 2021 in the lead-up to the S150 anniversary celebrations.
  • For events/activities related to the S150 to be held in 2022, the S150 anniversary year.
  • If the use is for an event or activity, provide details about the event/activity (e.g. Name of event/activity, description, date/s, time/s, location/venue, cost, contact details and any other relevant details).
  • Register the intention to use the S150 logo.

Requests for use of the S150 logo are to be submitted to Council’s Community Services Team via email to outlining the above details. 

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