Unregulated Work

Plumbing - Unregulated Work

Unregulated work is any work included in schedule 4 of the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019. This work may be performed without a licence and does not require notification to the Qld Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) or local government.

However, the work listed below must comply with any relevant technical standards or codes.

Sanitary plumbing and sanitary drainage

  • Cleaning or maintaining ground level grates to traps on sanitary drains
  • Replacing caps to ground level inspection openings on sanitary drains
  • Maintaining an above or below ground irrigation system for the disposal of effluent from an on-site sewerage facility.

Water plumbing

  • Installing or maintaining an irrigation or lawn watering system downstream from an isolating valve, tap or backflow prevention device on the supply pipe for the irrigation or lawn watering system
  • Replacing a jumper valve or washer in a tap
  • Changing a shower head
  • Replacing, in a water closet cistern, a drop valve washer, float valve washer or suction cup rubber.

All other plumbing and drainage works need to be carried out by a licensed plumber or drainer

There has only been one minor amendment to the schedule of unregulated work:

  • The schedule now includes the replacement of a domestic water filter cartridge which was previously minor work. This change was made as it is considered that the skills required to undertake this work are similar to those required to replace a tap washer and this was already unregulated work.

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