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Seasonal Work

Looking for seasonal work in the Southern Downs?

The people of Southern Downs welcome you and hope your stay with us will be happy and rewarding!

Backpackers inject an enormous amount of money into regional economies and we believe that you are an important part of our workforce.

Looking for harvest work?

If you are already in Queensland, you should secure employment before you move into a new area. If you’re looking for harvest work, it’s really important that you don’t just show up to a farm. A better way is to register your availability at Harvest Trail.  You can also phone the National Harvest Labour Information Service on 1800 062 332.  Labour hire organisations should be following Qld Government requirements.

The Southern Downs area is well known for its vineyards, fruit and vegetable farms. Itinerant workers are employed to harvest fruit and vegetables during the peak season, and undertaking other horticultural and agricultural tasks during the off season periods.

When the working day is finished you can relax at our local pubs or dine at a number of restaurants that cater for the backpacker at reasonable prices.

If you are coming to our region for farm work, we recommend that you research before travelling to ensure that work is available. A good place to start is by contacting the National Harvest Labour Information Service on 1800 062 332 (within Australia) or visit, and they will give you up to date advice on work and conditions in the area and only list jobs for farmers that do the right thing by their workers.

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