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Greywater Systems

Greywater (or grey water)  is domestic waste water generated from showers, baths, spas, basins and laundries which can be diverted for use on lawns and in gardens.

Please note that toilet waste and kitchen sink greywater is not suitable to be used  in sewered areas, and it is therefore excluded.

Council approval

Council approval is NOT required for:

  • Manual bucketing or
  • Connection of flexible hose to a washing machine

Council approval is required for:

  • Installation of an approved* greywater diversion system / device or treatment plant. This system or treatment plant can only be installed by a licensed plumber.
  • Surface or sub-surface system

Care should be taken if re-using greywater because of its:

  • potential health risks to humans
  • potential for environmental damage to soils, ground water, and waterways caused by increased nutrient and chemical levels.

Information for plumbers

The greywater guidelines for plumbers can be found on the Department of Housing and Public Works website. It has information which can help plumbers assess whether the home owner has suitable and sufficient land to distribute greywater.

Plumbers should use the guidelines to give advice on the purchase and installation costs of greywater systems, prior to the home owner making an application to council.

* Before you purchase a greywater device ask the manufacturer of the device for a copy of the product certification certificate. Council can only approve greywater diversion devices with this certification.

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