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A resilient approach

The Southern Downs Recent experienced a significant bushfire event in Stanthorpe and parts of the Granite Belt in 2019. The short term impacts and longer term lasting effects of the bushfire will be far reaching across our community and region as a whole. After any kind of disaster it is important to rebuilding that we all work together in what is often described as the “Recovery and Resilience” phase.

Recovering from a disaster requires co-ordinated and collective effort from individuals, government agencies and groups. Council has appointed a Recovery Coordinator and has organised the following recovery sub groups to help coordinate effort:

The overall reconstruction of the Southern Downs region will be the result of achieving short and long term goals and actions by all members of the region: individuals, businesses, and council, as well as State and Federal agencies. These goals and action will all get captured in specific sub group recovery plans.

Council has created the Recovery Portal to ensure the recovery process is as simple and clear as possible for all involved. This portal is for residents and those outside the region to access during the rebuilding of bushfire affected areas.

The Recovery Portal contains information regarding each of the Recovery Subgroups, important contacts, and fact sheets from agencies involved.

Other Contacts

Qld State Government’s Disaster Management

GIVIT – Southern Downs Regional Council’s Donation Management Partner

Red Cross Register.Find.Reunite

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES)

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