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Maintaining our Roads

Maintenance of our regions' road network

Our Roads

There's nothing quite like a drive in the countryside and we all appreciate the provision of well-maintained roads to make travelling easier.  Here's a snapshot of our road assets:

  • 1,338km sealed roads
  • 1,646km unsealed (gravel) roads
  • 56 bridges
  • 55 major culverts
  • 4,973 minor culverts
  • 411 floodways
  • 43 car parks and sealed surfaces
  • 389km kerb and channel
  • 75km footpaths

If you'd like to request a service in relation to our road network, we hope the below information might be of assistance.  If you would like more information about new or upgrades to Council's road network, please click here

You are always welcome to contact Council to have a chat with our friendly staff who might be able to help you further.


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