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Operational Works

Operational Works is the broad term used to describe construction and engineering activities that alter the shape or form of land. 

All construction works in relation to a development are Operational Works. 

To carry out Operational Works, you need to apply and obtain an Operational Works Development Permit from Council. 

You will need to use the DA form 1 - Development application details to obtain your permit. 

The only exception to this is building construction work which is covered by the Queensland Building Act 1975.

In the Southern Downs area, an Operational Works development application is required when:

  • Extracting gravel, rock, sand and soil from the place where it occurs naturally;
  • Undertaking roadworks on a local government road;
  • Conducting a forest practice;
  • Excavating or filling that materially affects premises or their use;
  • Placing an advertising device on premises;
  • Undertaking work (other than destroying or removing vegetation not on freehold land) in, on, over or under premises that materially affects premises or their use;
  • Clearing vegetation on freehold land
  • Operations of any kind and all things constructed or installed that allow taking, or interfering with, water (other than using a water truck to pump water) under the Water Act 2000;
  • Undertaking:
    • Constructing or raising waterway barrier works;
    • Large subdivisional work involving all infrastructure such as and including  sewer, water reticulation, stormwater, electrical, street lighting, parks, roadworks and associated kerbing and channelling.
  • Stormwater arrangements within new developments that will effect downstream residents
  • Unmade road applications
  • Retaining walls within developments that require engineering certification
  • Carparking arrangements within developments
  • Cut/fill of blocks that are outside of the 1 metre height.
  • Road intersections into new developments.
  • Extension of sewer lines, storm water lines or water reticulation mains
  • Any trenching of Council’s roads for new services
  • Footpaths and road crossings involving ramps and the use of tactile strips
Important note: It is illegal to modify any of Council’s infrastructure without written approval from Council, even if you have an Operational Works permit.

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