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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability Strategy

The Southern Downs & Granite Belt  has significant natural beauty. The natural and rural landscape sustains our quality of life and is essential to our economy. Climate change, most notably through decreased rainfall and increased risk of bushfires, along with urban and rural development are having a significant impact on our natural environment. How we manage these changes will influence the legacy we leave future generations.

Southern Downs Regional Council is committed to delivering a sustainable future that enhances our natural environment and provides benefit to residents, visitors and industries now and into the future.

The first step is to develop an Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS). This document will provide clear direction on what we wish to create and will capture what we value within our region. The ESS will be underpinned by coordinated action within the community. It will contain targets by which we can measure our performance and reflect the actions we are prepared to enable the Southern Downs to have a sustainable future. 

There are many opportunities for all of us to embrace a little (or a lot) of sustainable living into our daily lives.  Get involved in Citizen Science Opportunities or Community Groups and Networks to contribute to and participate in enhancing our natural environment. 

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