Southern Downs Regional Interagency Network

Connecting, building and maintaining professional relationships, sharing of information and resources, needs identification and partnerships for referral and advocacy.

Southern Downs Regional Interagency Network (SDRIN)

What is the purpose of the SDRIN?

The purpose of the Southern Downs Regional Interagency Network (SDRIN) is primarily for connecting, building and maintaining professional relationships, sharing of information and resources, needs identification and partnerships for referral and advocacy.

The SDRIN provides a space to build and enhance professional relationships and form partnerships to work on change. It supports the sharing of information and referrals, improves awareness and understanding of services, projects, upcoming events, and available support, as well as providing a platform for members to seek support and advice, share ideas and learn from others. It provides a space to identify and discuss needs and gaps, share ideas and work on issues and opportunities. The network provides a voice and area to advocate for the community to report on actions completed and invite engagement and contributions from others.

Who is the SDRIN for?

The SDRIN is a network for community, health and allied health service providers, government agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs) either based in the Southern Downs region or from outside the region and providing services to the Southern Downs community. School representatives within the Southern Downs region are also welcome to join.

What are some of the benefits of joining the SDRIN?

  • Opportunities to make new connections and build relationships, trust and support with other service providers and agency representatives.
  • Invaluable for learning and sharing information about services, referral pathways, program changes and innovations.
  • Accessing support and guidance from other experienced professionals.
  • Broadening understanding of issues affecting the community services sector.
  • Raising your profile and visibility within and between sectors.
  • Accessing resources to share with colleagues and/or clients.
  • Coordinated forum providing time for both informal networking and a programmed agenda.
  • Choice of two network email lists (FULL or Invitation Only).

How does the SDRIN operate?

  1. Through network emails; and
  2. In-person meetings.

What is the difference between the two SDRIN email lists?

  1. The SDRIN FULL List

    Members on the SDRIN FULL List receive a range of information about agencies and service providers and their services, training and professional development opportunities, government notifications, media releases and, where relevant and/or appropriate (and at the discretion of the SDRIN Coordinator), information about events and activities. This network also receives invitations to the in-person (face-to-face) network meetings, as well as minutes and attachments arising from the meetings.

  2. The SDRIN Invitation Only List

    Members who only wish to attend the in-person SDRIN meetings can choose to go on the Invitation Only List. In this case, they will receive the meeting date claimers, call for agenda items and RSVPs, agendas and minutes/attachments.However, members in this network may, on occasion, receive information shared with members on the FULL List (at the discretion of the SDRIN Coordinator).

How often are the In-Person SDRIN meetings held?

The SDRIN meetings are held in-person, generally, three (3) times each year in March, July and November (may be subject to change), alternating between Stanthorpe and Warwick.

What is the format and timing of the In-Person SDRIN meetings?

All SDRIN meetings are held per the following timings and general format (but this may change from time to time).

 9:30 am - 10:00 am   Sign-in and informal pre-meeting networking opportunity (optional and not facilitated)
 If not attending the pre-meeting networking, arrival no later than 9:50am is requested for sign-in and seating. 
 10:00 am - 12:00 pm  Meeting per programmed agenda
 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm   Further informal networking opportunity (optional and not facilitated)

Are the meetings offered online via ZOOM or MS TEAMS?

The SDRIN meetings are only offered in a full online format via MS TEAMS if circumstances prevent the in-person meeting from proceeding (e.g. COVID restrictions/lock-down).

The SDRIN meetings are not offered in a dual (i.e. in-person and online) format primarily due to difficulties in managing and facilitating the two dynamics effectively with the number of members that attend in-person (often between 35 – 60 people), as well as technology limitations at the meeting venues.

What notifications are sent about upcoming SDRIN meetings?

All members on both the SDRIN FULL and Invitation Only Lists will receive the following meeting notifications by email:

  • Date Claimer;
  • Call for Agenda Items and RSVPs;
  • Reminder for Agenda Items and RSVPs; and
  • Final Call for RSVPS.

Can I just turn-up to the SDRIN meeting without an RSVP?

No. As there may be attendance limits at some venues, anyone wishing to attend an in-person SDRIN meeting must pre-register with the SDRIN Coordinator.

Only those members who have RSVP’d and received a confirmation from the SDRIN Coordinator will receive the meeting agenda and pre-meeting information.

If I don’t attend the In-Person meeting, will I still receive the meeting minutes?

Yes. The meeting minutes are issued to all members of both the SDRIN FULL and Invitation Only Lists.

What is the schedule of meetings for 2024?

The 2024 SDRIN meeting schedule is*:

  • Tuesday, 5 March 2024 – Stanthorpe
  • Tuesday, 23 July 2024 – Warwick
  • Tuesday, 26 Nov 2024 – Stanthorpe

*Dates may be subject to change, and notification will be made in this case.

Is there a cost to join the SDRIN?


How do I join or find out more about the SDRIN?

If you are interested in joining the SDRIN or would like more information, please contact the SDRIN Coordinator, Gwen Murphy, Community Development Officer, Southern Downs Regional Council at or Ph: 1300 697 372.