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Dog Breeders' Requirements

Puppy litter

Whether you make a living breeding dogs, or your family dog has unplanned pups that need good homes, chances are you’re passionate about your pets. 

While most of us put our pets first, a small number of unethical breeders are more interested in profit than the welfare of their animals.

The Queensland Government has established the new Queensland Dog Breeder Register to help authorities locate dog breeders and give dog buyers peace of mind when looking for a new furry friend.

As from the 26 May 2017 it will be an offense to supply dogs, born on or after this date, unless you have a breeder supply number.

Registering is quick, easy and free. Breeders need to log their details within 28 days of their puppies being born and will be issued with a unique identification number, known as a supply number. This applies to regular and occasional breeders (including backyard litters), with specific exceptions for some working dog producers.

People are urged to check the Queensland Dog Breeder Register before obtaining a new dog and to only buy from registered breeders with valid supply numbers.

The Queensland Dog Breeder Register will be available from 26 May 2017 at For more information about the register or animal welfare in Queensland, please visit or call 13 25 23.

Queensland Dog Breeder Register Fact Sheets

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