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Water Leaks

What to do if you have a water leak

Water leaks can occur on the consumer side of the water meter, at the water meter itself, or inside the property boundary. In some instances solar hot water systems may have a leak - this would be undetectable as the water runs into the gutters from the roof.

Consumers are encouraged to read the water meter regularly and stay alert for indications of a leak on the property. Leaks will either be undetectable (eg. under a concrete driveway or inside a wall) or detectable (eg. dripping tap or running toilet).  

If consumption increases for no obvious reason, then this may indicate a hidden leak or burst pipe. 

If a water leak is discovered inside the property boundary, a licenced plumber should be contacted to undertake the work.  

The area between and including the stop tap and the water meter is the responsibility of Council. If the water leak is located at the water meter, please contact Council.

In the event of a suspected leak at the property you should:

  • Perform a Meter Test to confirm the leak 
  • Engage a licenced plumber to fix the water leak (may be the responsibility of the property owner or agent) 
  • If applicable, the property owner may apply for relief on the water consumption 



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