Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Consultation on Environmental Sustainability Strategy

The Southern Downs’ Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2021-2031 (the Strategy) is a strategic document that sets out the Council’s commitment to sustainability and the Southern Downs’ natural environment.


Southern Downs will have a sustainable future which includes maintaining a healthy environment for people to live, work, play and stay.

The Strategy reflects community and council aspirations for sustaining our quality of life, while identifying actions for developing our community and protecting local ecosystems and waterways. Core to this is a recognition that current activities must not limit opportunities for future generations.

This Strategy identifies four priorities that will drive actions to improve environmental sustainability outcomes for our region. The legacy we leave for future generations will be shaped by these priority areas.

Council can not work towards a sustainable community and respond to the impacts of changing climatic conditions alone. This requires a collective effort. As a small, regional Council, our strength resides in the collective knowledge, experiences and practical support provided by our local community.

There is a significant amount of work to do – and it will take time and continuous improvement to achieve the Strategy’s vision. The Strategy’s delivery will reflect the limited funding available to Council and their other core business priorities as well as external funding opportunities.

The Southern Downs Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2021-2031 can be downloaded here (PDF 3.6MB)

The Southern Downs Environmental Sustainability Strategy Action Plan can be downloaded here (PDF 1.4MB).

Information on community aspirations, Council trend indicators and strategies for each of the priority areas can be found via the links below.

Recently a review of the actions, that were set within the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Action Plan in 2021, was undertaken.  The outcomes of the view is now available here (PDF 1MB)


Every year, following the review, an updated action plan is developed for the coming financial year. The 2023-2024 Environmental Sustainability Strategy Action Plan can be found here (PDF 161KB)


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