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Possums and Snakes

Possums are abundant in the region and as part of our native wildlife are protected by legislation


Possums are abundant in the region and are native wildlife, therefore they are protected by legislation.

Possums are found in many types of habitats, they live in wooded areas along Australia's east coast, eastern South Australia and south-west Western Australia. They have adapted well to living with humans and are commonly encountered in urban areas, suburban backyards, campgrounds and sometimes the ceilings of houses.

Possums are nocturnal animals, coming out after dark to feed on flowers, fruit, buds and leaves of native plants. Mistletoe, one of their snacks, is a parasite that can kill gum trees, the common brushtail possum helps to protect gum trees by controlling the mistletoe. 

Council does not offer any services to trap or remove possums. Cat traps hired from Council cannot be used to trap possums.

Residents who experience problems with possums should contact Parks & Wildlife on 13 74 68 or contact a Wildlife Rescue organisation.



Snakes are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and it is an offence to kill, injure or take snakes from the wild.

Snakes usually prefer to retreat when encountered but, if they feel threatened, they can become defensive. Most snake bites ( are received by people who try to capture or kill a snake.

If you encounter a snake, don't panic. Back away to a safe distance and allow the snake to move away. Snakes often want to escape when disturbed.

Do not tease the snake as it will retaliate. 

When left alone, snakes present little or no danger to people.

Council cannot remove snakes.

You will need to contact a private snake catcher. Consider contacting:

  • Gunter Glaser, Darling Downs Snake Catcher (Toowoomba-based) 0429 613 324
  • Toby (Boonah-based) 0411 878 711

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