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Waste & Recycling

Southern Downs Regional Council provides many options in relation to waste management and recycling.   Dump - waste

A kerbside waste and recycling collection service is provided to most households in the region.  An expansion of the Designated Waste Collection Area in April 2022 provides convenience to an additional approximately 1200 households across the region.

There are a number of waste facilities in most townships throughout the region for use by domestic and commercial users, accepting at the minimum, general waste and recyclables. Council provides waste and recycling education and programs for schools, child care centres and members of the public throughout the year and have a number of recycling and reuse programs available to the community all year round.

The Southern Downs Regional Council Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan (PDF 4MB) sets a clear path for the management of solid waste in the Southern Downs region towards 2024.

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