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Cycling Southern Downs

CyclingThe Southern Downs is a great place for the recreational cyclist of any level.

Clean, crisp country air and a network of quiet scenic routes provides ideal cycling conditions.  Cyclists can pass through the historical buildings of Warwick, ride the relatively flat roads to any of the delightful villages throughout the region, enjoy Stanthorpe's spectacular landscapes and cool invigorating climate, and be challenged by the climb to picturesque Queen Mary Falls.


Cycling is a great low-cost and accessible activity for people of all ages and fitness levels and enables you to stay fit and healthy, explore new areas, meet new people and have fun.

Cycling is perfect for commuting to school or work: not only is it good for health, it saves fuel costs and is good for the environment.

Road Rules

Under the road rules, bicycles are considered vehicles and, as such, people riding bicycles must obey all the general road rules.

As a legitimate road user, you have the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles. There are also specific rules that apply only to cyclists.

These can be found at Queensland Transport's website. 


The Queensland Transport's website also provides some good tips on cycling safety in the wet, at night, in traffic and in the sun and heat and on potential hazards such as magpies and dogs.

Southern Downs Bicycle Users Group

The SD BUG is an informal group that promotes all types of cycling at the local level.  The group advocates for better cycling conditions and promotes the benefits of cycling. 

SD BUG meets monthly and is open to anyone interested. 

Cycling Maps 

Map 1 (PDF 113.7KB)

  • Mapes Road Loop via Junabee Road - 36km
  • Mapes Road Loop via Yangan Road - 46km
  • Canningvale Road Loop - 17km
  • Tannymorel Loop - 62km

Map 2 (PDF 99.2KB)

  • Warwick - Cherrabah and Return - 75km
  • Old Stanthorpe Road and Return - 50km
  • Warwick - Maryland River Bridge and Return - 118km
  • Warwick - Spring Creek Cafe and Return - 104km

Map 3 (PDF 86.2KB)

  • Warwick - Wheatvale Loop - 44km
  • Hendon Loop - Extra 12km
  • Warwick - Pratten Loop - 69km
  • Bony Mountain Loop - Extra 5km

Map 4 (PDF 231.6KB)

  • Warwick - Goomburra Loop - 76km
  • Warwick - Clifton - Leyburn Loop - 143km
  • Warwick - Victoria Hill Loop - 98km
  • Warwick - Clifton Loop - 111km

Map 5 (PDF 98.5KB)

  • Stanthorpe - Bapaume - Glen Aplin and Return - 84km
  • Stanthorpe - Ballandean Estates and Return via Mt Tully Road - 71km

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