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Water & Sewerage Regulatory Documents

Water and wastewater management plans and annual reports

As a provider of water and sewerage services, Southern Downs Regional Council is required to publish, or make available, various regulatory documents about the service provided to customers.  These documents are the Customer Service Standards, annual reports on the Drinking Water Quality Management Plan and performance reports.  The performance reports are based on a number of key performance indicators such as service delivery, infrastructure maintenance and customer service and are used by the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy to produce an annual performance report comparing the performance of water and sewerage providers across Queensland.

Drinking Water Quality Management Plan

All registered service providers supplying drinking water in Queensland are required to have an approved Drinking Water Quality Management Plan (DWQMP). The DWQMP is a regulated risk mitigation measure to ensure the safety of customers who use drinking water. As a service provider, Southern Downs Regional Council operates various water schemes in accordance with its DWQMP which was approved by QWSR on 27 November 2012.

The Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 legislates that holders of DWQMP prepare and submit an annual report that compares actual performance with the approved plan within 120 working days of the end of the financial year.

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