Compliance Assessable Work

Plumbing - Compliance Assessable Work

The category of compliance assessable work replaces regulated work and still requires a Form 1.

The most common example of this work is plumbing and drainage work associated with the construction of a new building.

Compliance assessable work is any plumbing and drainage work that is not included in the schedules of notifiable work (schedule 2, part 1), minor work (schedule 3) or unregulated work (schedule 4) in the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019.

This work is subject to compliance assessment as specified in the Plumbing and Drainage Act and can only be performed by an appropriately licensed person.

What is a Compliance Certificate?

A Compliance Certificate (Certificate of Inspections) is a very important document as it highlights the approval of the plumbing and drainage work that has been carried out.  This certificate will be issued at the completion of a final inspection undertaken by a Council officer and a copy will be sent to the property owner, the applicant and the plumber/drainer who completed the work.

What is a Compliance Permit for plumbing and drainage work?

Southern Downs Regional Council uses a Compliance Permit approval system as per Section 78 of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.  A Compliance Permit authorises Regulated work or onsite sewerage work to be carried out to the extent stated in the permit and subject to any conditions listed.  A compliance permit attaches to the land, the subject of the permit and binds the owner, the owners successors in title and any occupier of the land. 

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