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Current and Future Road Works

Building better roads for the Southern Downs

Road Works In Progress or Scheduled

Current Road Works Projects

You are invited to have a look through the below list of projects to see what we’re currently working on:

Construction Project Type of Road Work  Stage Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date
Alice St/Amosfield Rd, Stanthorpe Footpath construction  Design     
Barlows Gate Rd, Elbow Valley Upgrade and seal  Construction Jun-22 Nov-22
Boronia Sts, Warwick Resurfacing  Design    
Bracker Rd/Tooth St/Mardon Rd, Warwick Intersection safety improvements Design    
Braithwaites Crossing Rd, Canningvale Culvert replacement Construction Aug-22 Nov-22
Brook Sts, Warwick Resurfacing Design    
Charleys Gully Rd Culvert replacement Scheduled  Oct-22 Nov-22
Churchill Dr/Marshall St, Warwick Intersection safety improvements  Scheduled  Sep-22 Nov-22
Condamine River Rd, Killarney Replace 4 crossings  Tender     
Connolly Dam Rd, Silverwood Culvert replacement  Scheduled  Sep-22 Nov-22
Cosmo La, Cottonvale  Floodway replacement Design    
Curtin Rd, Ballandean Upgrade and seal  Construction  Jun-22 Dec-22
Doyles Rd, Clintonvale Floodway replacement Design    
Gillam St, Warwick Disabled parking  Construction Sep-22 Oct-22
Glen Niven Rd, Glen Niven Culvert replacement Design    
Glengallan Rd/Coe St/Murphy St, Warwick Intersection safety improvements  Design    
Goldfields Rd, Goldfields Culvert replacement Design    
Goomburra Rd, Gladfield Rehabilitation  Design    
Guy St/Fitzroy St, Warwick Pedestrian crossings at roundabout Design    
Harris St/Johnson St, Stanthorpe Resurfacing  Design    
Homestead Rd, Rosenthal Heights Bridge construction Design    
Homestead Rd/Fairwill Dr, Rosenthal Heights Storm water improvements  Design    
Kital Rd, Berat Bridge repairs Design    
Merivale St, Allora Culvert replacement Design    
Old Stanthorpe Rd, Wildash Widening Design    
Palmerin St/Fitzroy St, Warwick Pedestrian crossings at roundabout Design    
Swan Creek Hall Rd, Swan Creek Reinstate floodway Design    
Swan Creek School Rd, Swan Creek Reinstate road Design    
Talgai West Rd, Talgai Culvert replacement Design    
Tooth St, Warwick Storm water improvements  Design    


Sealed Roads Scheduled Maintenance

We are planning on resealing sections of the following roads during spring/summer 2022 (weather permitting):

  • Catherine St, Stanthorpe
  • Greymare Rd, Greymare
  • Kilpa St, Stanthorpe
  • Montrose La, Greymare
  • Mountain Maid Rd, Greymare
  • Mount Norman Rd, Wallangarra
  • Mount Tully Rd, Eukey
  • Old Stanthorpe Rd, Dalveen
  • Pikedale Rd, Rosenthal Heights/The Glen
  • Warahgai Rd, Karara
  • Watters Rd, Fletcher

Damage to sealed roads

We are currently undertaking a network-wide assessment of the sealed road network to pick up the pavement failures caused by the very wet summer and winter.  More information will be updated once it becomes available.

There are 229 sealed roads with damage assessment completed and this number may double by the time the entire region has been inspected.  If you don't see your road on the list and it has new pavement damage, since the floods, it is likely being currently inspected.


Gravel Roads Scheduled Maintenance

Please have a look through this list of roads that we are expecting to do some work on shortly. As you would understand, we need to wait for the unsealed road conditions to be dry enough for our heavy machinery to work on.

Work on gravel roads is also weather dependent so the program may change to accommodate the ever-changing weather conditions.  There are 205 unsealed roads that are already approved for repair after flood events in 2021.  Assessment has been completed on 103 roads following the 2022 floods and this number is expected to increase as more assessments are undertaken.

Disaster Recovery Program

Council, supported by additional contract resources, has been working on disaster recovery since March 2020. So far $16m has been spent on this program, this is in addition to the normal council works budget. Due to back-to-back events between November 2021 and May 2022, the focus has been on emergency works to restore safe access across the road network, wherever possible. From the end of August, we have moved back to the restoration program, which is aimed at permanent repairs and returning the assets back to their pre-disaster condition. 

Repair of roads damaged in the multiple flood events up to May 2022 are due for completion by June 2024. Council appreciates that this may be a long time to wait for repairs to occur on roads that you use every day.

Like all businesses, Council has limited access to the resources necessary to undertake these works including people, machinery and materials.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this very large program of works and assure you that we are doing everything possible to minimise the long-term impact these disasters have on the level of service Council is able to provide for its residents in the future.


Roads Planned for September/October
Ansteys Road
Azalea Street
Bartleys Road
Benson Road
Boyce Road
Braithwaites Crossing Road
Briggs Road (Upper Freestone section)
Brooklands Road
Byrnes Road
Chappels Road
Connolly Dam Road
Crystal Mountain Road
Dead Horse Lane
Derreen Road
Deutscher Road
Emu Creek Road
Fontainbleau Road
Giffords Road
Glengallan Road (Deuchar section)
Glentanna Road
Grassick Lane
Haywards Road
Hendon - Goomburra Road
Hendon - Mount Marshall Road
Hoffmans Road (Killarney section)
Holmes Road
Kessler Road
Laws Road
Lode Creek Road
Lonsdale Road
McBains Road
Parrish Lane
Pyramids Road
Reeves Road (Gladfield section)
Rocky Creek Road
Russells Road
Stanley Road
Tralee Road
Upper Emu Creek Road
Warreners Road
Watts Road (Freestone section)
Watts Road (The Falls section)
Wrights Road

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