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Stanthorpe Aerodrome runwayStrategically situated at the junction of 4 major highways, servicing the south to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, east to Brisbane and the coasts, and north to Townsville, Cairns and Darwin, the Southern Downs Regional Council operates two aerodromes: Stanthorpe and Warwick.

As well as the possibility of passenger services, Southern Downs Aerodromes offer affordable land for both aviation business and hangaring, some leasehold or freehold with 3 phase power, easy direct air side access and fully sealed runways.

Stanthorpe Aerodrome

Location   6 km NE of Stanthorpe
Address   320 Aerodrome Road, Applethorpe.

5100’ x 100’ and capable of taking all light aircraft, bitumen sealed

Taxiway  bitumen sealed
Lighting  standard PAALC
Radio  120.05 MHz for lighting and 126.7 MHz for comms
Other information 
  • No staff on site
  • Landing fees apply - See fees and charges
  • No prior booking required 
  • Prior arrangement for supply of fuel is required. Ph. Phil Vichie  4681 3611 or 0418 717 522

The Stanthorpe Aerodrome is on the edge of rural and residential development and to date is unlicensed. The terminal building contains male and female toilets. 

No formal refuelling system exists;however fuel for emergency purposes can be obtained by phoning Phil Vichie on(07) 4681 1827.  There are no landing charges.

The Aerodrome is an important community asset, one that needs to be developed for the economic benefits to the region. Council plans to upgrade the Aerodrome to encourage aviation related businesses to invest and to possibly create jobs within the aviation industry.

An improvement program is underway and includes:

  • Upgrading the access road (completed)
  • Area set aside for future upgrade of the terminal building
  • Area set aside for refuelling operations
  • Area available for tying down aircraft
  • Extension of taxiway and taxiway lighting (underway)

Council is offering potential interested parties the option to lease or purchase the land. Most other regional airports offer one or the other, but Stanthorpe’s point of difference is that we are willing to capture all sections of the market by offering lease or freehold.

Contact Council for more information.

Warwick Aerodrome

Avgas Warwick Aerodrome

Location:  10 km NW of Warwick 
Address:  Massie Bony Mountain Road, Massie 
Strip:    5400’ x 100’, 75’ bitumen seal, 890 MAG
Taxiway:   bitumen sealed 
Lighting  PAL 
Radio:   119.6 MHz for lighting and 127.85 MHz for comms
Power:  3 Phase
Fuel:  Avgas is available.
Other information 
  • No staff on site 
  • Landing fees apply - See fees and charges under Sundry Fees - Business and Community Services
  • No prior booking required 

Warwick Aerodrome has a fully sealed strip capable of taking twin engine executive jets just 10 minutes drive from the Warwick CBD. 

It is home to the Warwick Aero Club and gliding clubs.

Atjust 45 minutes flying time to Eagle Farm and Archerfield Airports in Brisbane,and 45 minutes flying time to Gold Coast Airport, it presents a great opportunity to live the rural lifestyle and work from the Warwick Aerodrome.

A range of sites are available in upcoming Stage 2 of the Aerodrome Development at competitive leasing costs.

Contact Council for more information.

 Warwick Aerodrome - glider and plane taking off

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