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Youth Programs

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Council provides opportunities for our young people to develop, participate and be engaged and heard in several ways, such as youth development programs, supported events and activities and through the provision of services and facilities including art galleries, cycling trails, fitness walks, the Stanthorpe Fitness Centrelibraries, parks and open spaces, pools, and skate parks.

Support services, programs and assistance to young people and/or their families are available across the region. Access to these services can be found on the Youth-Related Support Services and Agencies page.

Youth Programs

Martial Arts for Mental Health

As part of mental health week, Southern Downs Regional Council will be offering a program which offers a fully subsidised place in a self-defense course for young people aged 15 to 25 years.

For some people craft, quiet activities, or introspective moments are the best way to take time for mental health. But checking in with yourself doesn’t come in a ‘one size fits all’ package. What about moving, making noise, and taking up space as a way to make a connection between your life and your needs?

Martial Arts for Mental Health is a fully subsidised program designed to give young people, the opportunity to engage in a martial art course designed for them and the challenges life may throw at them, in a no-stakes environment.

The space is designed to be private, safe, and comfortable with classes of 6, consisting only of peers.   

Interested participants should download and complete the Expression of Interest (PDF 415.4KB) and return to Council by 5pm Wednesday September 28 2022.


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