Lodge a Complaint

Process for Council’s customers to complain when dissatisfied with a Council action, decision or service.

Definition of a Complaint

A complaint is defined as follows:

A record of a customer’s dissatisfaction with delivery of a product or service offered by Council or the unsatisfactory conduct of a Council officer or Elected Member.

This is distinct from a request for service. Examples of Requests for Service are:

  • Request to fix a pot hole
  • Request to have a new garbage bin
  • Request to replace a broken bin
  • Complaint about a barking dog (it is a request for service for Council to act on a
    barking dog)

However, a request for service may develop into a complaint where the provision or timeliness of the service is considered unsatisfactory (e.g. damage to a road surface that is not rectified after a noticeable amount of time, following a request for service).

How can I lodge a complaint?

  • In writing and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer   PO Box 26 WARWICK   QLD  4370
  • In writing on the Complaints Form (PDF 54.6KB) 
  • Contacting Council
  • Online via the Lodge a Complaint Online form
  • Via Email –  mail@sdrc.qld.gov.au
  • Via Fax – 07 4661 0333
  • In person at  the Customer Service Counter at:
    • Warwick                     64 Fitzroy Street, Warwick
    • Allora Library             Herbert Street, Allora
    • Stanthorpe                 61 Marsh Street, Stanthorpe

You can also request a 
Complaint form at Council's Community Contact Counters.

What information do you need to include in your complaint?

So that your complaint can be handled quickly please provide the following information:

  • As much detail as you can regarding the matter
  • Include details of any loss or detriment that you have suffered
  • List any other authorities or agencies you have already reported this incident to if applicable
  • Your contact details – Your name and at least one method of contact
  • A brief description of your desired outcome
  • Any supporting details such as photos, contact details for other people who can support your case.
NOTE:   You may make an anonymous complaint however we will be unable to forward you any information regarding the progress and/or outcome of the matter if you choose this option.  We encourage all people making a complaint to provide their first name and contact number as we may need to contact you to request further information and/or provide an update regarding the progress of your complaint.

What happens next?

Your complaint will be recorded and you can be given a reference number. 

Administration Action Complaints are acknowledged by letter upon receipt and will be posted to your address as provided within 10 working days. 

The matter will then be handled in accordance with Councils Complaints Management Policy (PDF 217.9KB)

You will then be notified of the outcome when the process is finalised and be given further options available to you.  This may involve an internal review by SDRC or referral to the Qld Ombudsman Office (external review).

If you change your mind and wish to withdraw the complaint, you may do so at any time. 

Please refer to the Complaints Management Policy  (PDF 217.9KB) for further information.

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