Council's Policies and Procedures

Council's Policies and Procedures

For any enquiries on Southern Downs Regional Council Policies and/or Procedures, please contact the Governance Department on 1300 697 372.

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Document: Acquisition of Easement Resumption of Land by Council Policy PL-CS043 314
Document: Advertising Expenditure Policy PL-GV012 248
Document: Arts and Culture Policy PL-CS053 94
Document: Asset Disposal Policy - PL-127 393
Document: Asset Management Policy PL-CS030 697
Document: Australia Day Awards Policy PL-SD041 371
Document: Caretaker Period Policy PL-CS088 96
Document: CCTV Objectives and Operating Policy PL-CS071 85
Document: Civic and Council Led Community Events Policy - PL119 308
Document: Code of Conduct Interacting with Children and Young People PL122 1153
Document: Community Engagement Policy PL-CS059 100
Document: Community Housing Notifications Policy PL-CS079 98
Document: Community Housing Policy PL- CS084 97
Document: Community Services Advisory Committee - Action Plan 138
Document: Community Services Strategic Plan 2017-2022 726
Document: Complaints About a Public Official Policy PL-GV087 248
Document: Complaints Management Policy PL-CSO29 218
Document: Condamine River Road - Temporary Closure Procedure - April 2022 v3 2412
Document: Contributed Asset Policy PL-126 292
Document: Council Meetings Policy PL-CS036 530
Document: Council Tenure Policy PL-RP001 360
Document: Councillor Advisory Committees and Other Committees Policy PL-EX021 261
Document: Councillors Acceptable Requests & Administrative Support Guidelines PL-EX086 98
Document: Councillors Investigation Policy PL-CS085 100
Document: Debt Policy PL-FS005 309
Document: Debt Recovery Policy PL-FS057 255
Document: Discount Policy PL-CS073 242
Document: Employee Code of Conduct Policy PL-CS052 2068
Document: Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditure Policy PL-GV011 552
Document: Fleet Replacement Lifecycle Policy PL-IS104 113

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