Rate Notices

Council issues a number of rate notices each year depending on what services are provided to your property

Rate Notices

Rate and charges are issued via a Rate Notice.  Council issues a number of rate notices each year depending on what services are provided to your property, when services commence or end, and when changes occur to your property.  Rate notices are traditionally posted to the property owner, or you can choose to go paperless and receive your rate notices via email.

Rate Notices

Timing of Rate Notices

Rate notices are issued half-yearly, generally in July (due in August) and January (due in February) for full payments.

Water Consumption Notices are issued half-yearly, generally in October (due November) and April (due May), and Supplementary notices are issued when changes are made to a property part way through the year and are issued on an ad hoc basis.

Due Date

Once a ratepayer receives a rate notice they have 30 days from the date of issue for payment to be made.


On the general rate notice, a 7.5% discount is applied on all current general rates when the rate notice is paid in full by the due date, including any brought forward balances from a prior financial year.  The discount only applies to the current general rates and does not apply to separate charges, special charges, utility charges or the state government emergency management levy.

Pensioner Rebate

If a ratepayer holds a current Queensland pensioner concession card issued by Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs, they may be entitled to the a subsidy provided by the Queensland Government Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme.  

Payment Agreements

If a ratepayer is unable to pay their rate notice in full, they should contact Council immediately to organise a payment agreement.

Overdue Rates and Interest Charges

Interest will be charged on all overdue rates and charges 5 days after due date.  Interest is compound interest, calculated on daily rests at the rate determined by Council at the Annual Budget Meeting.

Payment Methods

Council offers a variety of payment options to pay rate notices.

Go Paperless

Please click/tap here if you would like to receive your rate notices via email.

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