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Impounded and Rescued Animals

Check here for a list of impounded, lost and rescued animals

If you have lost an animal, either a pet or livestock, please contact Council as soon as possible to be reunited.  Council's Pound Facilities are located in Stanthorpe and Warwick.
Council's Breeder Identification Number is BIN0000006741266

Impounded Cats

Photo Details
Sep-46 Impoundment ID: ID-Sep-46
Animal Type: DSH
Description: Black and white male stumpy tail
Location Impounded: Warwick Pound
Impoundment Date: 28/9/2022
Location Found: Warwick 

Impounded Dogs

Photo Details
Sep-51 Impoundment ID: ID-Sep-51
Animal Type: Kelpie type 
Description: Black and tan Desexed Male 
Location Impounded: Warwick Pound
Impoundment Date: 30/9/2022
Location Found: Warwick 


Photo Details
15-09-22 Impoundment ID: ID-15 Sep
Animal Type: Blue Cattle Dog Type
Description: Female/Blue/White
Location Impounded: Stanthorpe Pound
Impoundment Date: 30/09/2022
Location Found: Stanthorpe


Photo Details
Sep-50.jpg Impoundment ID: ID-Sep-50
Animal Type: Am Staff
Description: Tan & white. Female
Location Impounded: Warwick Pound
Impoundment Date: 29/9/2022
Location Found: Warwick

Impounded Other Animals

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