Free battery recycling at Council's waste facilities


Disposing of batteries through regular rubbish collections can pose a risk to the environment and public health, so Southern Downs Regional Council has partnered with Ecobatt to provide dedicated collection points for the safe and controlled disposal of household batteries at the region’s supervised waste facilities. For more information about Ecobatt, click/tap on their logo below.

Batteries are a growing waste item, and they present potential fire and environmental risks when disposed of incorrectly. Recycling them is a more environmentally friendly option, diverting waste from landfill and reducing the harmful impact of chemicals on the environment.

The new battery disposal points are clearly marked at all supervised waste facilities. Wheelie bins are located at both Warwick and Stanthorpe Waste Management Facilities, and white 10-litre buckets are available at all other supervised waste facilities.

Most batteries under 5 kg are accepted for recycling. This includes AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, power tool batteries, button cell batteries and other handheld sized batteries that fit in the collection units.

Car battery (lead acid battery) disposal at Council’s supervised waste management facilities remains the same.

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