Survey Plans

Survey Plans

A Plan of Subdivision (or Survey Plan) is a plan prepared for the purpose of formally changing the boundaries of land. A Plan of Subdivision can only be prepared by a surveyor, and must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Land Registry.

When a person proposes to change the boundaries of land they must first obtain development approval from Council. Changing the boundaries of land is defined as Reconfiguring a Lot, and includes the following:

  • Subdivision (additional lots are created);
  • Realignment of Boundaries (no additional lots are created);
  • Subdividing by lease for a period exceeding 10 years;
  • Subdividing by Building Format Plan (formerly known as strata titling)
  • Creating an access easement. 

Once development approval has been obtained, the developer must get a Plan of Subdivision drawn up showing the new boundaries of the land.

Please note that amalgamation of lots does not require approval from Council, and Plans of Subdivision for the amalgamation of land do not need to be approved by Council.

Lodging a survey plan with Council

When a development has completed all works required by the approval, and all conditions have been complied with, a Plan of Subdivision for the reconfiguration must be submitted to Council for approval. 

The Plan of Subdivision must be submitted to Council with the applicable fee (PDF 1.4MB) and within the currency period of the approval.  You will be required to pay all outstanding rates prior to Council approving the Plan of Subdivision.

Once the plan is signed by Council

Within six months of Council signing the Plan of Subdivision, the plan (and any easement or covenant documents) must be registered with the Land Registry of the Department of Resources. The Land Registry will not accept a plan if it has been folded or damaged in any way.

Fees are payable to the Department of Resources for the registering of plans.

If the developer fails to register the plan within six months, the plan can be submitted to Council for re-approval. Council may re-approve the Plan of Subdivision subject to payment of the applicable fee (PDF 1.4MB).

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