Plumbing Inspections

Requirements for booking a council inspection

Plumbing inspections are required to be carried out by a licensed professional during and on completion of work that is covered by an approval.

To receive a final inspection certificate at completion of plumbing and drainage works, the final inspection must be completed and approved by the licensed professional. The final inspection must be called within 7 days of the work being completed.

What is the cut-off time for booking inspections?

48 hours notice is preferred, but bookings by phone can be accepted up to 3.00pm (subject to availability ) the day prior to the inspection date.

What information does the plumber need to book an inspection?

  • A plumbing assessment/approval number;
  • Property description details relating to the property where the inspection is required; and
  • The responsible person’s name and details.

What are the different types of inspections?

  • Under slab (sub-drain);
  • Stack/elevated pipe work that is to be covered;
  • Drainage (sanitary house drain);
  • Water services (rough in);
  • Final plumbing inspection.

How do I request a plumbing and drainage inspection?

Plumbers only can book a plumbing and drainage inspection after receiving notification to commence work, by calling Council.

What is a Final Inspection Certificate?

A Final Inspection Certificate is a very important document as it highlights work that has been carried out, to the extent stated on the certificate.

This certificate will be issued after the completion of a final inspection undertaken by a Council Plumbing Inspector and a copy will be sent to the property owner and the applicant if requested on the Form 1 at time of lodgement.

All commercial plumbing installations should request a Final Inspection Certificate as the building certifier may require this document to issue clearance certificates.

For more information please contact Council.

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