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Be Waterwise – Business

Council encourages all businesses to adopt waterwise practices as part of their daily operations.   

Businesses who use more than 10 ML per annum have been asked to prepare and implement a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP). Eleven (11) WEMPs have been approved by Council. The development and implementation of Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMP) for large water users will result in long-term water savings across the region. 

For smaller water users there are many ideas which may be incorporated into daily practices to encourage water savings. A reduction in water consumption often results in monetary savings associated with usage charges and energy costs. These ideas include:

Lead by example:

  • Make water usage updates a standing agenda item in meetings– show trends in use; noting areas of high use and opportunities where water savings can be made
  • Establish a baseline for water use and a target to achieve within business applicable timeframes
  • Implement a Be Waterwise business program and recognise staff who are careful water users and/or initiate water efficiency practices
  • Identify staff to be 'water champions'. Water Champions can help with the promotion of water saving ideas, monitor water use and ensure water leaks are found and fixed quickly

Highlight water saving opportunities:

  • Display water efficiency posters in the staff room or kitchen
  • Share water saving ideas and progress reports to staff in newsletters, emails and bulletins

Take Action:

Build a water saving culture for your business:

  • Include water efficiency policies and procedures in staff induction and training programs
  • Establish an ideas box to encourage staff to suggest workplace water saving opportunities
  • Promote water saving programs and smart water use to demonstrate your business is a sustainable workplace

Helpful Links:

Further tips for saving water in your workplace can be found at Business Queensland.

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