Phone icon  All Councillors can be contacted by phoning Council 1300 MySDRC (1300 697 372) 

Mayor Tracy Dobie
Cr Tracy Dobie
- Mayor 

Phone icon  4661 0351
Mobile icon  0413 741 602

Register of Interests (PDF 525.2KB)

Cr Jo McNally
Cr Jo McNally
- Deputy Mayor

Mobile icon 0408 819 983 

Register of Interests (PDF 1.6MB)

Cr Cameron Gow
Cr Cameron Gow 

Mobile icon 0427 752 275 

Register of Interests (PDF 594.2KB)

Cr Kelly
Cr Rod Kelly

Mobile icon 0427 224 280

Register of Interests (PDF 2.4MB)

Cr McNichol
Cr Marika McNichol

Mobile icon 0418 674 226

Register of Interests (PDF 518.3KB)

Cr Meiklejohn
Cr Neil Meiklejohn

Mobile icon 0419 674 182

Register of Interests (PDF 954.9KB)

Cr Vic Pennisi
Cr Vic Pennisi

Mobile icon 0412 909 882

Register of Interests (PDF 1.1MB)

Cr Stocks
Cr Yve Stocks

Mobile icon 0417 620 648  

Register of Interests (PDF 3.3MB)

Cr Windle
Cr Sheryl Windle


Mobile icon 0417 611 934

Register of Interests (PDF 2.3MB)


Councillor Portfolios  (PDF 308.8KB)

Responsibilities of Councillors (PDF 134.4KB)

Record of Written Complaints - Councillors (PDF 72.5KB)

The Independent Assessor and the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) assesses and investigates Councillor conduct complaints – refer to for further information.

A mandatory and uniform Code of Conduct for Councillors in Queensland provides a foundation for a fair and transparent complaints management system. The code outlines how behavioural standards align with the local government principles and assists all councillors in being aware of their obligations as elected representatives. The Code can be accessed at:

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