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Commercial Waste & Recycling

How to dispose of your commercial waste

Waste Collection Services

All commercial operators within the defined waste collection area must have a waste and/or recycling collection service from their premises. It is important to ensure your waste and recycling bins are adequate (size, number and frequency of collection) for the volume of waste generated from your premises, to minimise public health or environmental nuisance issues.

Council no longer conducts a commercial waste or recycling collection service. However, there are several waste operators within the region that offer the collection of commercial waste and/or recycling. This includes wheelie bins (e.g. 240 litre) and industrial bins (e.g. 1, 2 or 3 cubic metre) for general waste, and either mixed or separated recycling bins.

Waste Disposal

Commercial waste can only be disposed of at some of Southern Downs Regional Council’s waste facilities. Please refer to Waste Facilities for further information, including opening hours and the different waste types accepted at each facility.

Please be advised all other waste facilities in the region accept only domestic waste from local residents and it is an offence for commercial waste to be disposed of at these facilities.

Waste Disposal Fees

The disposal of commercial waste at Council’s waste facilities will attract a fee, payable at the waste facility. Payment is only accepted via EFTPOS or on Account. EFTPOS is not available at all waste facilities.

For enquiries about EFTPOS payment, or to establish an account for your business, please contact Council on 1300 697 372, where you can request a Debtor Application form.

Council’s current fees are detailed in the Schedule of Fees and Charges and can be accessed. Waste disposal fees are inclusive of any applicable State Waste Levy, depending on the type of waste.  The State Waste Levy is part of the State Government’s strategy to encourage a reduction of waste to landfill. For more information regarding the Levy including rates, refer to Qld Department of Environment.

It is important to note that disposal fees DO NOT apply to commercial recyclables separated for recycling at the waste facilities, including paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium.

In addition, there are no fees for the disposal of scrap metal or clean earth.

Minimise your Business’s Waste

Waste minimisation is important for businesses from both an environmental and economic perspective.  By minimising your waste, and reusing and recycling material, you can reduce your waste disposal charges.  See below for tips and tricks on how to reduce the waste generated from your business. 

  • Audit your waste – see what you are throwing away, and what you may be able to stop generating altogether, what you may be able to reuse, and what you can recycle.
  • Seek local services for recycling at your premises.
  • Let the professionals guide you – contact ecoBiz for a free assessment and report on your waste activities.

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