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Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning involves developing a practical plan for how your business can prepare for, and continue to operate after an incident or crisis.  Please click on the below link/s for more information:

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Be Prepared this Storm Season

Queensland is Australia’s greatest state in which to live, but at times nature unleashes its fury on the Sunshine State and the ramifications for business, community and our economy can be devastating.

From our research following the 2011 Floods, Cyclone Yasi and Cyclone Oswald we know the impacts for businesses can be severe.

To help businesses prepare for this year's storm season CCIQ has partnered with Queensland Government, the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Get Ready Queensland to put together resources and information to help you to make sure your business can mitigate your risks and prepare for storm season.

Watch the Queensland Government video on how best prepare your business for storm season.

Visit the CCIQ Storm Ready webpage to access free resources for your business:

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>  Resources
>  Natural Disaster Fact Sheets

Don't wait until it's too late - get ready now

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