Burial on Private Property

Burial on Private Property

Under specific conditions it is possible to gain approval to undertake the disposal of human remains on private property.

This activity is regulated by Council Local Law SLL1.13 (Undertaking Regulated Activities Regarding Human Remains) 2011 (PDF 67.4KB).

Documents that must accompany an application are:

  • Details of the proposed burial site;
  • Details of the coffin, container or shroud in which the human remains will be buried or placed;
  • Evidence of the applicant's relationship (if any) to the deceased;
  • A certified copy of the approval under the Coroners Act 2003 for the undertaking of the burial;
  • Details of how and when the activity will take place;
  • Evidence of the identity of the deceased;
  • Evidence of the wishes of the deceased and the relatives of the deceased;
  • Written agreement of the owner of the land and any other person or entity with a registered interest in the land;
  • Details of the long term family connection to the land;
  • details of the size of the land;
  • details of how the applicant plans to secure ongoing access to the site at which the deceased is to be buried;
  • A written statement of how and when the remains are to be disposed of;
  • Details of the nature of the ceremony (if any) to be conducted at the time of the burial;

Download the application form for Burial on a Private Property (PDF 563.9KB) and lodge your application (form and documents as listed above) at one of Council's offices.

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