Make a difference

Make a difference

There is a lot of resources, initiatives and programs available online to help us achieve our sustainability goals. Remember, every action, no matter how big or small makes a difference!

In the home

Creating habitat for local wildlife can be very rewarding. Designing your garden to attract wildlife to your patch means offering food and shelter that will attract the wildlife of your choice which might include birds, mammals, butterflies, insects, frogs and reptiles. A great starting point is Council's Planting for Biodiversity Guide.

There are lots of ways you can maximise your backyard space if your goal is to attract local wildlife species. Before doing anything a good idea is to monitor what is already there at different times of the year and then build on that. Often tackling one small area at a time is much more manageable than a whole of garden overhaul. Some great ideas and information can be found below.


In the workplace

EcoBiz is a free program for small to medium businesses, funded by the Queensland Government. With the help of an ecoBiz expert, you will be able to develop an action plan to help your business save money by reducing your energy, water and waste, and increase efficiencies. If you are interested in making your operation more sustainable, visit the ecoBiz website.

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