Native bees

Native bees

Did you know that there are more than 1500 species of native bees in Australia. They are important pollinators of Australia's wildflowers and vege patches and they are a vital part of our bushland. Native bees can be found nesting in hollow trees, shallow burrows in the ground or in soft dead timber. 

The Aussie Bee website provides a wealth of information on Native bees. Their top tips for creating a bee friendly garden are:

  1. Select plants that flower throughout the year or choose a selection of plants that will flower in sequence in each season of the year
  2. Select flowers with a variety of colours and shapes - this will support a variety of bee species
  3. Plant a group of each flower species - a bed or row of plants are more attractive to native bees than scattered plants
  4. Select plants that provide nesting materials in addition to nectar and pollen - this might be plants with a particular leaf type or trees that produce resin
  5. Avoid insecticides as these will kill native bees as well as garden pests.

Ten favourite flowers loved by Australian Native Bees can be downloaded here.

Bee Hotels

99% of Australia's native bee species are not social, however, they will use a Bee Hotel. Bee hotels can be as simple or as elaborate as you like - for more information and for some design ideas from the Aussie Bee website, please click here. Alternatively watch this short clip on bee hotels from Gardening Australia.

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