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Land valuations and what they mean for your rates

How and when recent land valuations were calculated

The Department of Resources provides Council with property site or unimproved land valuations. The Department of Resources revalued the Southern Downs Regional Council area as at 1 October 2020.

How rates are calculated

The new land valuations took effect 30 June 2021 and are used by Council to calculate rates for the 2021/2022 financial year.

Rates and charges are determined during the annual budget process each financial year.  Council adopts this in June for the following financial year.  The process includes:

  • Council considers the costs of providing an extensive range of services, facilities and infrastructure.
  • Council determines how to appropriately fund these activities, acknowledging that our primary source of revenue is through rates and charges.

Council also uses a comprehensive system to calculate rates that recognises the diverse demographics of the region.  Council considers changes to valuations with a view to minimising the overall impact on ratepayers.

Valuation comparison

To compare valuations of the other properties in your area please visit the Queensland Globe website.

Objections to valuations

If you object to the valuation of your property, you may wish to lodge an objection with Department of Resources.  Please note objections can't be lodged through Council as the land valuations are determined by the Department of Resources.


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