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Why Leave Town’s (WLT) Gift Card Program, it’s an EFTPOS based system (excludes Square Readers) aimed at keeping money within communities by encouraging people to shop locally in the Southern Downs region. Cards can be purchased at a select number of stores that we call “Load Up Stores”. They can also be purchased online through the WLT website.

There are no additional fees for businesses to participate, apart from their normal banking transaction fees. When a customer decides how much money to load onto the card—anywhere between $10 and $1,000—and this money can then be used to make purchases in any participating store in Warwick and surrounds area. The card will NOT be able to be used outside of the participating stores or the region. This means that every time one of these cards is purchased, the MONEY STAYS LOCAL!”


It’s easy to become involved and the sooner you join the sooner you reap the rewards of your community supporting local business. The Warwick and Surrounds Why Leave Town Card forms part of a larger “Buy Local” program that guarantees extensive media coverage including print, radio and social media. There will also be a wide range of marketing collateral available for you to display and use in your own campaigns. There’s no cost for you to sign up and be a part of this program.


All you need is an EFTPOS machine to reap the benefits. It’s a normal EFTPOS transaction.

To get involved in this program sign up here:  Warwick & Surrounds Gift Card Business Registration.

For more information in the Why Leave Town Card program please visit: https://www.whyleavetown.com/.

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