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Southern Downs Regional Council is committed to supporting local business as much as possible, while ensuring that Council continues to make ethical, transparent decisions that offer the best value for money when procuring goods and services.

Southern Downs Regional Council utilises an online portal, Vendorpanel, to manage all quotations and tender requests.  Council recommends anyone interested in doing business with Council registers on the Vendorpanel Marketplace. 

Marketplace is an  ‘open market' on line system that is free for Suppliers to register, receive notifications of and submit for quotes or tenders.  Vendorpanel is used by hundreds of government organisations, utilities, universities and corporations across Australia. Southern Downs Regional Council’s goal is to help Council purchasing staff engage with local suppliers using this transparent and simple process.

Registering on Vendorpanel Marketplace is a simple process.  All you need to begin is an ABN, then simply follow the prompts to register for as many applicable categories as fit your business. 

If you have any questions concerning Vendorpanel, please contact Vendorpanel’s help desk or


Quotations are sought via Vendorpanel in accordance with Council’s Procurement Policy.  These quotations are released to either the Vendorpanel Marketplace, one of Council’s internal Preferred Supplier or Prequalified Supplier Arrangements, or a Local Buy list.

VendorPanel Marketplace

Vendorpanel Marketplace is a 3rd party system that allows Council purchasing officers to select a minimum of 3 suppliers in the relevant category to invite to quote on purchases up to the statutory threshold.  The selected suppliers will receive an email notification that they have been invited to submit a quote.

Council’s Preferred Supplier and Prequalified Supplier Arrangements

Council releases tenders to establish Preferred Supplier Arrangements (PSA) and Prequalified Supplier Registers as the need arises. For business to be accepted on these lists, they must go through the official tender process to ensure that all requirements of the arrangement can be met and to ensure Council satisfies all legislative requirements. Council is working towards a new format whereby these lists can be refreshed approximately once a year depending on demand and interest so that new suppliers may be added.

Once on the list, suppliers may be engaged for work or asked to quote on specific jobs/purchases depending on the value and complexity of the work.  Please note that acceptance on these lists does not guarantee any amount of business, but increases business visibility to Council purchasing officers.

Local Buy

Local Buy is a commercial entity wholly owned by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), which provides procurement services to Local Governments throughout Queensland.  Local Buy has established arrangements that Council utilises similarly to a PSA or Prequalified Register.

Local Buy tenders are also released via Vendorpanel, with some arrangements refreshed during the contract term.

If you are interested in becoming a Local Buy supplier, please visit or contact for more information.


Southern Downs Regional Council also utilises Vendorpanel for the release of tenders.

To encourage local industry to tender for the provision of Councils requirements, Council advertises tenders on Council’s website, Facebook page and Linkedin page.  In addition, any suppliers registered for the applicable category on Vendorpanel Marketplace will receive a notification when a tender is released for that category.

To access Tender documents, suppliers can download the documents from the Vendorpanel platform.

In the event that suppliers are unable to access any part of the Vendorpanel website, ie: registering, downloading documentation, submitting proposals etc, they should contact either the Vendorpanel Help Desk or the SDRC Contracts Administrator.

How to Download and Submit a Response to an SDRC Tender (PDF 672.1KB)

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