Recycle Mate

Learn the right way to recycle.

Recycle Mate

Australia’s first community driven artificial intelligence recycling app. It removes confusion about recycling and makes it simpler for all Australians.

Australians have a proven desire to recycle correctly and reduce what goes to landfill, but often feel unsure if they are always getting it right, whether at home, at a friend’s house or on holiday. Many councils across Australia have different recycling systems and the away-from-home recycling options are increasing which is adding to the community confusion.

This is where the Recycle Mate mobile phone app, website and supporting education program is working to help remove the confusion, and you can get involved. Instructions for installing the app on your device can be found on the Recycle Mate website

Recycle Mate is an initiative of the Australian Council of Recycling with funding support from the Australian Government's Environment Restoration Fund program. Adaptation Environmental Support is the program delivery partner.

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