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Pre-start Meeting

Requirements and process for scheduling

Pre-start meetings are held once an Operational Works Approval is granted.  

Pre-start meetings are held to ensure that all conditions of approval are understood and to verify pre-development site conditions.

Requirements for a Pre-Start meeting

Before a pre-start meeting can be held, Council generally requires the following documents:

  1.  Balance of application fee and Security deposit receipts;
  2.  Issue for construction plans with RPEQ certification;
  3.  Approved Works Near Water Supply or Sewerage Infrastructure Application where relevant;
  4.  Any necessary request for Private Works submitted to Council’s Water Department;
  5.  Proof of the contractors current Public Liability Insurance policy to at least $20 Million;
  6.  Project Quality Plan including inspection and test plan (approval from Council prior to works being carried out);
  7.  Traffic Management Plan (prepared and certified by a suitably qualified Traffic Management Designer (TMD)). Ensure the requirements of Part 3 of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices are met;
  8.  Construction Safety Plan in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011; and
  9.  Construction Program – showing testing and inspections.

These items are typically detailed in the development approval for operational works

Arranging a Pre-Start Meeting

The Pre-Start meeting is held prior to any works commencing on site.  When you are ready for a Pre-Start meeting, please contact Council to arrange a suitable date and time.  Please note that the Pre-Start meeting cannot be arranged until the all required documents (as above) have been supplied.

Attending a Pre-Start Meeting

Council’s development engineer, the consulting engineer and the contractor must attend the pre-start meeting at the site prior to the commencement of works.  The owner is welcome to attend.

All attendees should come suitably dressed for a site walk over if needed.

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