Apply for Not-for-profit Rate Concession

Not-for-profit Rate Exemption/Concession Application Form

Not-for-profit Rate Exemption/Concession Application Form

If you have any specific enquiries regarding fees or how to complete this form, please contact Council.

Note - Council requires a separate form be submitted per property.
Applicant details
Property details
Organisation information
1. Is the organisation an incorporated body as per the Associations Incorporation Act 1981? If yes, please provide a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.* - required
2. Does the organisation have a tax exemption from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)? If yes, please provide a copy of the Certificate of Tax Exemption from the ATO.* - required
3. Is the organisation otherwise considered "Not for Profit"? If yes, please provide a copy of the organisation's Constitution.* - required
4. Is the organisation leasing the property?* - required
5. If the organisation is leasing the property (i.e. Yes to question 4), is the lease with Council? If no (property is leased from someone other than Council), please provide a copy of the lease and confirm if the lessee is responsible for paying the rates.
6. Does the organisation have a register of members? If yes, please provide the number of members.* - required
7. Does the organisation receive any dividends or other income from shareholdings in any other entity?* - required
8. Does the organisation pay any monies or any other financial incentive to board members (including but not limited to share entitlements)?* - required
9. Does the organisation employ staff on a wage or salary? If yes, please provide total gross wages paid and number of staff.* - required
10. Does the organisation utilise volunteer labour? If yes, please provide numbers of volunteers.* - required
11. Does the organisation receive income from gaming machines?* - required
12. Does the organisation receive income from the sale of alcohol? If yes, please provide liquor licence/permit details, detail the type of alcohol served, and advise how often alcohol is sold on average.* - required
Type of alcohol provided:

Please also provide copies of the following documentation

  • Most recent audited Financial Statements;
  • A list of the executive committee and contact details

Pricacy statement

The information on this form is collected for purposes related to deciding this application and monitoring compliance under the Information Privacy Act (‘the Act’). This information may be stored in Council’s records database and may also be used for statistical research, information provision and evaluation of services. Your personal information may be provided to the financial institution which handles Council’s financial transactions and may be disclosed to other Local Government agencies, State government and third parties for purposes related to this application and/or monitoring compliance with the Act. Except in these circumstances, personal information will only be disclosed to third parties with your consent unless otherwise required or authorised by law.


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