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Where can I camp? 


The only parks where camping is allowed for a set time, are the following:  

  • Dalrymple Creek Park, Allora Drive, Allora - 24 hours
  • Leyburn Sports Grounds, Tummaville Road, Leyburn - 72 hours
  • Jim Mitchell Park, McCosker Drive, Dalveen - 24 hours

Camping, sleeping, occupying or remaining overnight at a local government controlled caravan park is only permitted if the person undertakes the activity for a period not longer than as authorised by the notice displayed. Council has signs in these parks outlining the period for which camping is permitted.


Camping is permitted at the Leslie Dam, only at the Washpool Reserve, at set fees and for a set period of time, or at the caravan park. 

Camping is currently permitted at the Connolly Dam in the Connolly Dam Camping Ground

Camping is not permitted at the Storm King Dam. You can camp at the caravan park near by Storm King Dam.

Caravan and Recreation Parks

There are many caravan and recreation parks across the region where you can pitch a tent or use one of their powered sites.

Illegal Camping

Under Council’s Local Law No 4 (Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads) 2011 (PDF 84.7KB) and Subordinate Local Law No 4 (Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads) 2011 (PDF 158.1KB) the following restrictions apply to camping in local government areas:

  • Local government controlled areas within the local government area (unless the area is a park or reserve):  Camping, sleeping, occupying or remaining overnight is a prohibited activity.  Note: A local government controlled area means land, facilities and other infrastructure owned, held in trust or otherwise controlled by the local government, other than a road.    
  • Roads within the local government area:  Camping, sleeping, occupying or remaining overnight in a vehicle stopped on a footpath, shared path, water-channel or gutter is a prohibited activity.
  • Parks and reserves within the local government controlled area:  Sleeping, occupying or remaining overnight is a restricted activity, and is permitted only with the written authorisation of the chief executive officer of the local government.  

Note:  It is a requirement for Council to take reasonable steps to provide notice to members of the public regarding restricted activities declared for local government controlled areas. Council erects signs in parks and reserves advising members of the public that camping in those parks and reserves is a restricted activity. 

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