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Doing Business

Laws & Permits




Council regulates Caravan Parks to ensure appropriate and  adequate facilities are provided and maintained.


ERA - Feedlot

Environmentally Relevant Activities

You need to apply for an environmental authority to perform an environmentally relevant activity (ERA).  ERAs are industrial or intensive agricultural activities.



Understand Council's requirements for event preparation, safety and notification to stakeholders and access useful event planning resources.

Food dining

Food Business

Businesses are required to hold an accredited Food Safety Program to ensure food safety risks are effectively identified and controlled for the production of safe and suitable food.

Beauty tatoo

Personal Appearance Services

Personal appearance services include hairdressing, beauty therapy, or skin penetration procedures provided as part of a business transaction.


Local Laws

Advertising device           

Advertising Devices

The installation of temporary advertising devices means the installation, erection or display of a temporary advertising device that is visible from a road or other public place.


Use of footpath

Footpath Use
(Commercial Use of Road Reserves)

Businesses can acquire a permit to place items such as clothes racks, planter boxes and/or tables and chairs on Council footpaths.

Rental Accommodation

Rental Accommodation

Information on how to obtain a licence for your property for short term rental.

Register of Local Laws
All Council's Local Laws are itemised in our Register.



Animals & Pets

Find out it you need an animal permit to keep cats and dogs, racehorses and livestock.


Footpaths & Driveways

If you are going to build, repair or modify a footpath or driveway you must have a permit prior to starting the work.

Home Business

Setting up a Home Business

Learn how to set up and operate your home business.


swimming pool

Swimming Pools & Fences

Find approval requirements for constructing swimming pools and fencing.

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