Personal Appearance Services

Licence & information about body piercing, tattooing, beauty therapy & other skin penetration services

Personal Appearance Services (PAS) include hair dressing, beauty therapy, or skin penetration procedures (eg tattooing, body piercing or any other process by which the skin is penetrated and in which blood or other body fluid is an expected result) as provided as part of a business transaction.

The purpose of the Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003 is to minimise the risk of infection that may result from the provision of personal appearance services. Businesses providing higher risk personal appearance services are required to be licensed to operate by Council, and Council is responsible for monitoring the standard of operations in these premises.  Council’s Environmental Health Officers conduct routine inspections of these premises to monitor compliance with the Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003.  Officers are also available for advice and assistance in infection control and compliance matters.     

Starting and Operating a Business Conducting Personal Appearance Services

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The following link provides further details on starting and operating a business, including what activities are considered higher risk personal appearance services and therefore need a licence to operate:

The licence fees for a Personal Appearance Service can be found in Council’s Fees and Charges (PDF 1.5MB).

When completing the Personal Appearance Service Licence Application Form (see below), please ensure you read all of the form and provide all of the information requested.

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