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Leslie DamWater 

Council maintains urban water supply schemes for the towns of Warwick, Allora, Yangan and Stanthorpe, and for many of the villages in the region.

Allora, Yangan and Warwick’s water supply is sourced from Connolly Dam and Leslie Dam. Connolly Dam provides 40 per cent of the required water and has a capacity of 2592 ML. Council has an allocation of water from Leslie Dam (operated by Sun Water) of 2707 ML per year. The Warwick water supply treatment plant services a population of around 14,000 residents and a number of commercial and light industry businesses.

Stanthorpe’s water is sourced from Storm King Dam, with a capacity of 2,180ML, servicing a population of around 4,200 residents. The Stanthorpe township has an average daily consumption of 1.5ML. 

Killarney’s water scheme supplies the village and several major industries including an abattoir, vegetable processing plant, sawmill and an active commercial centre.  Water is obtained from a weir on Spring Creek, treated and transferred to reservoirs.

The villages Dalveen, Pratten, and Leyburn are serviced by systems of bores, supplying varying quantities and qualities of water. 

Karara water supply services the village residents. Water is sourced form a weir on Canal Creek.  The water is untreated and is for non-domestic purposes only.


Treated effluent from the Warwick sewage treatment plant is supplied to local farms for irrigation purposes. 

The treatment plant allows a portion of the treated effluent to be further treated to Class A quality with low nutrient concentrations. This high quality recycled water is used for irrigation of public access areas, including local sports and recreation clubs, school sports field and agricultural plots and council gardens.  The new tertiary treatment system is only operated when there is demand for recycled water of this quality, otherwise all treated effluent continues to discharge to farms.

The Stanthorpe wastewater recycling process takes treated wastewater from the Stanthorpe sewage treatment plant and supplies it for irrigation to local horticultural growers, local sports and recreation fields, the golf course, public high school and the cemetery.  Almost 100 per cent of effluent from the sewage treatment plant is reused.

This Effluent Reuse Scheme provides significant economic benefits to the community through increased agricultural productivity, and was the recipient of the 2005 Excellence Award from the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (Qld). 

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