The Dalveen Blue Box

The Dalveen Blue Box

Eucalyptus dalveenica treesThe Dalveen blue box (Eucalyptus dalveenica) is one of the Granite Belt’s most threatened species. It was described only in 2019, after researchers from the University of New England showed it differed genetically, chemically and morphologically from a more widespread species, Eucalyptus magnificata.

The Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium surveyed the known trees and found only 340, spread mainly over 3 private properties in the Dalveen area. Due mainly to land clearing, it has been lost from more than 99% of its former extent of occurrence. The Consortium nominated Dalveen blue box as a threatened species and it was listed in August 2020 by the Queensland Government as critically endangered. It will soon be assessed for listing at the Federal level.

The Consortium recommends the development of a recovery plan and propagation to expand the population around Dalveen to provide greater security for this iconic tree.

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