Rainforest & Mountains

Rainforest & Mountains

These areas have fertile soils and higher rainfall and humidity. The original vegetation of these areas is dense subtropical rainforest with hundreds of species of trees, shrubs and understorey plants. In areas where these forests have been cleared, pastures of kikuyu and paspalum grow, often with weeds of bracken, lantana, and vines. Almost all rainforest trees and plants are easily damaged by fire.

Re-establishing rainforest trees and plants into pastures can be difficult, requiring control of grasses and weeds.

Locations include: 
Rainforest country is located in the uplands on the eastern and south-eastern border mountains, within the Main Range National Park and the Border Ranges National Park, extending out to the Killarney Plateau area at The Head, Spring Creek and Gambubal State Forest, near Mt Colliery.

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