Building Economic Resilience

Our goal is to grow and enhance our local community by building a sustainable, resourceful and circular economy

Southern Downs has a strong and diversified economy based on agriculture, manufacturing, retail, tourism and health services. There are however challenges to increased economic and population growth, such as water

scarcity. Recent shocks such as the coronavirus pandemic have also impacted the local economy.

We are looking for ways to overcome these challenges in ways which also acknowledge and protect our environment. There has been recent significant investment in Southern Downs for regional transport connections, renewable energy infrastructure and nature based tourism. Agriculture also remains an important part of the Southern Downs economy, with production encouraged that conserves our water, our energy and improves our soil health.

Australian regions have also faced difficulties in accessing reliable and efficient telecommunication services.

Ensuring resources are retained is a major aspect of growing a strong economy. The concept of a circular economy is based on designing out waste and pollution, keeping resources in use and avoiding impacts on natural systems such as our air, waterways and soil. Southern Downs is looking at ways we can incorporate these principles in how we grow our community and economy.

Our community aspirations

  • Increase in residents employed by local businesses
  • An increase in visitor numbers at registered ecotourism ventures
  • Meet Queensland Waste Management and Resource Strategy 2030 waste targets.

Our Council trend indicators

  • Council to increase procurement from local firms 
  • Prime agricultural land mapped by relevant authorities 
  • Council to meet the Queensland Waste Management and Resource Strategy 2030 Commercial and Industrial waste targets for its generated waste.

Our strategies

  • Increase local and regional connectivity
  • Encourage sustainable development and tourism
  • Support sustainable development of townships
  • Encourage sustainable agriculture and food security
  • Reduce waste and encourage resource recovery
  • Encourage circular economy infrastructure and services

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