The Savio Family

The Savio Family

The Savio family are third generation fruit growers, operating a 125ha orchard in Pozieres. Tough retail specifications saw a decline in their apple income and in 2018 they diversified their business.

Instead of juicing, which sees both the peel and pulp sent to waste, the family saw an opportunity to value‑add and develop products made with whole apple goodness. In 2020 the family launched their first product, Australia’s first whole apple in a bottle. Targeting a new market, Upple® is drinkable fruit and contains everything but the core and seeds, sold in a recyclable bottle made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET).

Cutting waste and redirecting apples from a low-value juice price, the family hope to outgrow their pilot bottling plant and build a factory to use apples from the whole district.

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