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Plumbing Application Process

Plumbing application process

In general, homeowners may fix only minor maintenance issues, (refer Plumbing - FAQs).  All other plumbing works must be undertaken by an appropriately qualified and licensed tradesperson.

Some alterations and additions to existing dwellings and commercial buildings may be done under notifiable work, commonly known as Form 4 works (Form 4a - Notifiable work for a public sector entity). All new buildings will require compliance assessment.

If you are conducting a development, you may require other approvals and permits, such as planning approvals, building approvals or siting variations.

Building work over, or adjacent to any Council service (sewer, stormwater or reticulated water system) may require additional provisions to protect the infrastructure.

Please seek advice from Council before any development works including plumbing work commences.

For more information please Contact Council.

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