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Reclassification Class 10 to 1a - Shed to Dwelling

The conversion of a shed for use as a dwelling or for habitable purposes requires a Building Permit for the reclassification. 

This is required whether building work is required or not.

The application will require a Development Application for Building and if necessary a Plumbing & Drainage Application and an Amenity and Aesthetics Application.

Prior to submitting a building application, prospective builders of dwellings should check Councils Planning Scheme and Concurrence Agency requirements.

These requirements may relate to siting, flood hazard areas, bushfire hazard areas, minimum size requirements, houses that resemble a shed, the number of dwellings permitted, power supply, road access and water storage.

A dwelling shall have a minimum floor area of 60 square metres.  Should you desire to have a smaller size than 60 square metres, then a concurrence agency application must be made under the provisions of the Planning Act.

For further information on this reclassification process, please view the Building Application requirements Reclassification Class 10 to 1a (Shed to Dwelling) Fact Sheet. (PDF 504.8KB)

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